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*Get Reimbursed for the cost of your inspection and/or Appraisal*
We can match most rates*! Before deciding to go with another lender, let us work harder on getting you the lowest rate possible! 

  • No Minimum Credit Score Required, we can work with any credit situation (good or not).
  • Get Pre-Approved with a soft pull, no need to hurt your credit before finding out if you can get approved.
  • We can help with those high interest rates. We will find the lowest ones on the market. 
  • Need money? We can help with Heloc/Heloan/Refi. We have some of the best cash-out programs available. 
  • Down payment assistance available. We have so many programs to help you with. 
  • No processing or Origination fees ever. (We do not charge the typical $850 processing fees most lenders will charge you at closing)
  • 100% financing for VA Loans with best interest rates in the market.
  • We are also licensed real estate agents and can help you with finding that dream home. Purchase your home with one of our agents, get reimbursed your inspection and/or your appraisal fees. You could also get a 1 year home warranty. Sell and Purchase with one of our agents, you will only pay a 1.5% listing fee on the sale of your house while getting reimbursed for the inspection and/or appraisal on the new purchase. 
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Below is what our loan estimate will look like. As you can see, we do not charge you any unfair fees. This loan estimate shows you an estimate of what a borrower can expect to pay as closing costs. We can even help you get some "lender credits" money to help with closing costs. (The VA funding fee only applies on a VA loan where the borrower is not exempt.) 

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We are licensed in Colorado, California and Virginia!
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